Liyine in Witch Land (2011)
written by Yolande Posé-Combaropoulos
A little girl, Liyine, finds a magic book that takes her to several different worlds where she plays a different role everytime.
It is a children's play, each book being sold with a record CD.
I've done some full-page illustrations, and smaller ones between the text lines.
My first real book that has been published!
The Adventures of Milena (2012)
written by Roland Picard
A young alien girl, Milena, who is followed by her pet robot dog, RTA, meets a tall insecure boy on planet Earth.
Written in rhymes, this book was sold for diabetics charity. I did the illustrations and the page design.
Milena and the Small Sun (2013)
written by Roland Picard
Milena, Julien and RTA go deep beneath the sea, finding an ancient sunken city and the mysterious Small Sun.
Sequel to the original "Milena", I feel like I've learned from it.

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Clipounets (2014-2015)
by the AKCS association
One of my biggest projects! I did illustrations and animations for this association that makes musical animated shorts for very young children... and playing apps!
Carlos's theme songs (2015)
Assembled by Generikids, Télé 80, génération Souvenirs
I drew Touni & Litelle (obscure 1990 cartoon!) for this CD cover that is a compilation of Carlos's songs!

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